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Which Home Design Trend Goes Best With Your Personality

 Homes are a reflection of the people who live there. 

  And as everyone has a style for clothing, we have a style for home design as well. You might have not discovered yours yet, but don’t worry - that will change after you read this article!

 Home design trends are like art and fashion, they evolve through the years. That’s why we’re gonna divide the design trends by year, in order for you to find yours more easily!


With all that said, let’s get started: 

  • The 1910s - The Craftsman's Style & Art Nouveau: this style is characterized by white trim around doors and windows, triangular columns, muted colors, and wide porches; perfect for those people who have an old soul and love a timeless style.
  • The 1920s - Mixed Materials & Art Deco: during this decade, the exteriors were a mix of clapboard and stone on the exterior, while in the interior the flashy and geometric art deco dominated every space. This style is perfect for people who are extroverted, unafraid of being themselves and love to mix and match colors and textures.
  • The 1930s - Farmhouse Charm & Streamline Moderne: red walls and white dutch doors were a staple in 1930s exteriors, while the interiors were all about industrial materials such as concrete, steel and glass, and clean, strong lines that resemble the ocean and industrial ships - a powerful reminder of the Great Depression. This style is for those people who have a severe personality and functionality is their aesthetics.
  • The 1940s - Classic Details & Modernism: WWII was the heaviest influence on people’s style and homes. The words “less is more” were heard all over. That’s why the home exteriors of that decade were simple above all, with understated details, and the interiors were rustic and functional, with carpets and wallpapers as the main touches of color. This style is perfect for disciplined yet charming people who love a simple, even military-like aesthetic, but with a nice splash of color.
  • The 1950s - Kitsch & Scandinavian: here begins modernism as we know it today. Silhouettes began to look more groundbreaking, houses were flatter, lines were sleeker. Also, the post-war optimism brought the bright colors back to the exteriors, and yellow or blue houses were common. The interiors were no different: Scandinavian furniture entered the game, whose bright colors and unusual shapes were its main feature. This style is for creative, joyful people who are not afraid of being seen as overcharged.
  • The 1960s - Mid-Century Modern and Space Age: this is an all-American style: shutters, white clapboard siding, cupolas, and floor-to-ceiling were the decade’s exterior staples, while the interiors were highly influenced by the space race, and materials and shapes started to resemble artifacts of space travel. This was also the age of home technology, and new materials such as plastic were embraced. This style is perfect for trendy, edgy, and charismatic people, who love to represent history with their style.
  • The 1970s - Brick, Earthtones & Nature: this decade was all about natural shades. Bricks and neutral colors dominated the exteriors, while the interiors were heavily influenced by the hippie movement - recycled materials and self-sufficient designs were their main features. This trend is perfect for people who have ecology as a top priority, and have a bohemian style.
  • The 1980s - Eclectic & Postmodernism: houses started to get bigger in the 80s and complied with a “contemporary style”, that consisted of neutral stucco and arched windows, while the interiors were all about “the more, the better”. Excessive decor, bold colors and contrasting patterns were a signature of the decade - just like in fashion! This trend is perfect for fun and playful people who love to make life a party.
  • The 1990s - Streamlines & Minimalism: in contraposition to the 80s, the 90s brought simpler forms, and columns were the dominant aspect of the home exteriors of the decade. The interiors didn’t differ much: simplicity was considered synonymous with sophistication. Quality materials and global influences were prevalent during that time. This aesthetic is perfect for those people who love to travel, and consider their home a lovely and cozy place where they can relax and keep their memories.
  • The 2000s - Neutral Exteriors & Multipurpose Furniture: in the early 2000s, people got tired of the past century’s misconduct. Therefore, design evolved to minimize the footprint on the environment, and trends of the past came back, such as the Craftsman's Style, but with modern touches of color, such as bold doors. In the interiors, as more people started working from home, furniture became more functional and multipurpose and green was the dominant color, as a direct result of the influence of the environmental consciousness. This trend is perfect for you, modern worker who is also planet-conscious.
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